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Perrin Cottage Perfumery

Rebecca Suerdieck Perfumer.jpg
   Rebecca Suerdieck specializes in recreating and demonstrating traditional skills from past times.
   Little by little, her research and experiments have continued, as she created a unique niche for herself: the production of all-natural fragrances from flowers. This technique was in common use by Virginia women during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. 
   She leads Garden Distilling Demonstrations and hosts workshops on Natural Perfumery, singing the praises of “floral waters” to anyone who will listen.

Natural Fragrances

made the Old-Fashioned Way

* All Natural

* Organically Grown

* Historically Accurate

* Locally Sourced

Antiquarian Perfumes
& Natural Fragrances

Scents from the 17th, 18th and 19th century

are researched and recreated

combining the best of

the Old World & the New World.


2023 Public Demonstration Schedule


April 15 - Adam Thoroughgood House, Virginia Beach

April 16+17 - Westover Plantation, Charles City County

April 18 - Colonial Williamsburg

April 22 - Patrick Henry's Scotchtown, Hanover County

June 23 - Agecroft Hall, Richmond

July 21 - Agecroft Hall, Richmond

August 18 - Agecroft Hall, Richmond

September 16+17 - GeorgeWashington's Mount Vernon, Fairfax County

October 6-8 - Waterford Fair, Loudoun County

... more dates being added soon ...

I have regular demonstrations

in Williamsburg.

Join my email list to see when and where!

Rebecca Suerdieck distilling roses at Agecroft Hall.

Garden Distilling Demonstrations can be brought to your Location! 

Demonstrations can be done outdoors

in a garden setting over a fire (or camp stove) -  

or indoors in a classroom setting.  


Rebecca brings all materials, supplies, and instruction, ready to entertain your Guests, instruct your group,

and make your space smell heavenly!


Make your own custom blend in this hand-on workshop!

2023 Perfume Making Workshops 


May 21 - Patrick Henry's Scotchtown, Hanover County

May 27 - Sky Meadows State Park, Fauquier County


June 13 - Agecroft Hall, Richmond

... more dates being added soon ...

Agecroft Hall

National Park Service

Colonial Williamsburg

Williamsburg Farmer's Market

Road Scholar (Elderhostel)

Jamestown Settlement

Patrick Henry's Scotchtown


Daughters Of the American Revolution 

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Henricus Historic Park

Chippokes State Park

Claude Moore Farm

Williamsburg Garden Club

Maymont Herbs Galore & More


Rising Sun Tavern, Fredericksburg

Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg

Historic St. Luke's Church

Norfolk Botanical Garden

Berkeley Plantation

Virginia Garden Week Events

Waterford Fair

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