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How is a Natural Fragrance different from a Modern Perfume?

   Perfume was created many centuries ago for European Royalty. And for centuries only the very wealthy could afford a personal fragrance.


   Things changed in the early 20th century with the creation of "modern perfume" (or "cheap perfume.") These "perfumes" were created in a lab and mimicked natural fragrances with synthetic materials. This succeeded in making perfume affordable to the masses. Unfortunately, it popularized the use of artificial ingredients and preservatives among people who could never afford a true natural perfume. The majority of people never knew the difference, thinking that all "perfume" is the made the same way - or that all perfume is made with natural botanicals. 

What if I am allergic to Perfume?

   Many people say that they are "allergic to perfume."  Most likely, they are actually allergic to the chemicals, artificial fixatives and preservatives used in Modern Perfumes to coat the skin, making the scent "last longer" and in varying conditions. In most cases, people with allergies can wear Natural Perfume with no problems.


   In rare occasions, people may be allergic to the true botanical, even if they have enjoyed modern, synthetic fragrance products with no trouble. This is uncommon and affects a very small percentage of the population.

What are the ingredients of a "Sweet Water" or Natural Perfume?

"Sweet Waters" are literally flora distilled by steam.

There is nothing else added - just distilled water and the natural essence of the flora.


Natural Perfumes contain only three ingredients, in varying proportions: 


          * Perfumer's Grade Alcohol  


          * Distilled Water 


          * a mix of the Floral Esprits and Hydrosols distilled from Organic Materials 

When wearing a Natural Fragrance, remember this:

   Natural Fragrances do not contain any Modern Fixatives and Preservatives. Therefore, Natural Fragrances may not last as long on your skin. Modern Perfumes are made from Artificial Fixatives and Preservatives that coat your skin. These chemicals do not break down naturally, and therefore linger longer. 


   Natural Fragrances absorb directly into your skin when applied right after bathing when the skin is still wet and pores are open. Apply it generously over your entire body, including your hair. Because it is gentler than Modern Perfumes, you can apply it lavishly without fear of overdoing it. The more you wear it, the more it will become your natural scent. 


   All Fragrances created by Perrin Cottage Perfumery are safe for use on skin, hair and clothing.

How to store a Natural Fragrance

   Store your Natural Fragrance in a dry, cool place. Vanity Tables are ideal locations because they are easily accessible and kept at room temperature.  Do not store your Natural Perfumes in a Bathroom as the Humidity Changes will affect the longevity of your Fragrance. 


   Natural Fragrances will last indefinitely if stored properly, but are best used within the first year of purchase.

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